ABC Server Card/Permit Eligibility

ABC Server Card Eligibility

A server is not eligible for a ABC permit if they:

• Have been convicted of a felony in the previous 4 years.**!

• In the previous (8) years, been convicted of:!Any crime relating to the sale, distribution, or dispensing of alcoholic beverages, schedule 1 or 2 controlled substances, or controlled substance analogues, embezzlement, or any sex-related crime.**!

• Are on judicial diversion for any of the above. If a permit is lost the TABC will no longer issue a replacement copy or new permit to anyone on judicial diversion until such diversion is completed and court disposition papers can be provided with the application.!

• Have had any permit issued in other jurisdictions revoked in the previous (5) years.!

• Had ownership or interest in an establishment in which the license was revoked in the previous (8) years.!

• Are not at least 18 years old.!

• Do not have a valid social security number or work permit number belonging to them.!

** During the time your permit is valid if you convicted of one of these offenses your 5-Year TABC Server Permit is subject to revocation!!

Servers may work for up to 61 days without a valid TABC Server Permit. This grace period begins on the hire date or date of transferring to a serving position and the date must be documented. This grace period does not apply to anyone that has previously served liquor by the drink in TN or has ever been issued a TABC Server Permit!

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